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Welcome to Handycrafted.com. We are the makers of handcrafted wooden, corian, and acrylic pens as well as throwing darts. Also some crocheted dolls(which we are trying to build up more) I got into turning pens from a guy I met at a craft fair here in Arkansas. He made some very nice pens and it interested me so much I ordered my own lathe and a few kits and that was all it took. I enjoyed getting out to the shop and turning these beutiful pens. Just knowing that I could make something that look like these pens was a good feeling. And it relaxes me as well.
  We made these pens out of some very nice matierials like Maple,Red Oak, Live Oak, just to name a few of the domestic woods. Then there are the exotics like Santos Mahogany, Cocobolo, Hondurin Rosewood. Wange wood, and some Yew yew wood. But wood is just one thing we use here at Handycrafted.

   We also make these lovely pens out of Corian, which is a counter top matierial and arylic which are both durable enough to go through the toughest job sites with you and still be nice and shiny enough to follow you into the board room. Even if you work in an office setting with others around you these pens will be right at home. Each pen is a unique one of a kind product. (If yours comes up missing you'll have no trouble identifying it). Each pen has the inner working of a Parker or Cross pen, so you know you have a quality pen that will work when you need it. Refills can be pruchased at any office supply store so it will give you years of service. So if you in the market for a nice pen for work or a gift to someone special, then your in the right place. Look around and see if there is one that might tickle your fancy. 








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